A Day at the Races Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:25:49
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My family and I were sitting in our car, on our way to the horse racing as we did every year. My mum was dressed up in her finest clothes for the event. We were listening to the radio and on nearly every channel there was something on to do with the races, looking outside my window all I could see was the shuffling of people on the busy streets, going this way and that way. We weren’t far away from the RDS only about twenty minutes with the traffic. My dad was getting impatient with how slow the traffic was moving, as he did every year.
When we get to the RDS it was about half past twelve and the races were just starting. The entire arena was packed full of men, women and children, all of which were dressed in their best clothes, we were not an exception. My father and brother walked up to the window to place his bet, while my mother dragged me over to the stalls to look at boots, jewelry and hats. My dad soon came over to say that the races would be restarting. I always loved the races, from the hectic, colorful environment to the beautifully groomed horses. My father asked which horse I would like to place a small bet on.
I picked a horse named Diamond. When my father showed me the horse I picked out, I saw the most beautiful horse I’ve ever seen, prettier then every horse that was at this year’s race and every years before that. She was a dark brown color and her coat was so shiny, it was almost reflective. Her mane was an amazing platinum color and it was braided. My father bet 100/1 on that horse. Everybody was excited when the races started, my horse had a bad start but soon made a great recovery and was coming up to first place, she passed the first horse just as it was about to cross the finish line, and came in first.
All of my family cheered for the horse and we went up to the stall to collect our reward, we won two hundred Euros and my mother and father said that we could get some food a one of the stalls. We went up to one of the food stalls and ordered some fish and chips and a can of coke each. When we were finished eating my brother and father took some of the winning to buy something for themselves, while me and my mother went over to the same stalls that she was looking at earlier and picked out a pretty necklace for herself and I picked out a blue bracelet for myself.
My mother and i continued to shop picking out clothes, shoes and jewelry for awhile, but then went back to meet my father and my brother to see one last race before it was time to go home. After the race was over, me and the rest of my family left the arena and walked back to the car. When we got home we were all exhausted and ready to fall asleep on our beds, but we were still a little excited because of the event of the day.

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