Camera – Parts and Functions Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:25:49
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When using many of the automatic cameras today, many of the features listed below are obsolete. This list is provided for those students who are enthusiasts of the manual camera. Lens – It draws the light into the camera and focuses it on the film plane. Shutter – It open and closes to control the length of time light strikes the film. There are types Of shutters: a leaf shutter, located between or just behind the lens elements, and a focal plane shutter, located in front of the elm plane.
Shutter Release ; The button that releases or “trips” the shutter mechanism. Film Advance Lever or Knob – It transports the film from one frame to the next on the roll of film. Aperture ; It dilates and contracts to control the diameter of the hole that the light passes though, to let in more or less light, It is controlled by the f-stop ring. Viewfinder – The “window” through which you look to frame your picture. Film Rewind Knob This knob rewinds the film back into the film cassette.
Camera Body – The casing of the camera which holds the encloses the camera pats. Flash Shoe – This is the point at which the flash or flash cube is mounted or attached. Self-Timer – This mechanism trips the shutter after a short delay – usually 7 to 10 seconds – allowing everyone to he in the photograph, Shutter Speed Control – This know controls the length often the shutter remains open.

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