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Published: 2021-06-29 01:28:09
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Club’s new album Champ is pretty damn adorable. I put it on in the car during a rare burst of winter sunlight a few weeks ago and for a few seconds I actually believed it was summer. This is the Ontario band’s second full length album, following Elephant Shell in 2008. Lead singer David Monks is only 23 but has produced an incredibly nostalgic album where he describes moments as if they were a lifetime ago, not a few years.
For anyone who hasn’t heard much of this four-piece Canadian band I would highly recommend them. The song ‘Tessellate’ from their first album is one of the loveliest songs I have ever heard, with a youthful outlook on the world and lyrics far beyond their age. David Monks’ voice never fails to make me a bit weak at the knees. As well as this they are highly capable of producing catchy, dance around like a frenzied monkey, tracks. The new album is about secrets, growing up, growing apart, double knots, Christmas Cards, favorite foods, favorite colors and ending your way.
The only criticism I can give is that sometimes the lyrics seem too “teenager”, especially for your Monish educated ears. However sometimes it’s nice to reminisce on those moments before everyone cut loose on Schooling. I think Champ will cement their place as one of the most interesting bands to watch at the moment. The album is out September for Australia, and in the words of one highly astute Youth user, “the man has a voice tuned for a women’s vagina”. Amen.

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