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Published: 2021-06-29 01:26:03
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The place that has had the most impact on me is New Orleans. This city is the most memorable place that I have ever visit because of their culture, food, and people. New Orleans is beautiful even after Hurricane Katrina destroyed and killing thousands of people. This city is just beautiful because it is different especially when you go down to Bourbon Street, you see whole bunch of things that you would not see in Texas. I remember when my mom and I were walking around Bourbon Street, we saw this homeless man robbing this guy for his Jordan’s.
The guy did not want to give the homeless guy his shoes because they were nice and Jordan’s are very expensive but the homeless man pulled out a gun on the guy which caused the guy to give him his shoes so he would not get shot. I learned something that day about New Orleans – not to wear nice things because some crazy homeless person might end up robbing you or killing you over something that you have on that is really expensive. I found New Orleans culture interesting because it is not really a Southern city but a Caribbean city.
New Orleans’ prominent cultural influences date to the French and Spanish colonial period and introduction of African slaves in the 18th century. Their style of music captures their culture because it’s different than any other city. They remix anything that is good on the radio and they have more soul in their music, for example jazz. The way the people act down there is very welcoming. Not many people are welcoming when you come to visit their state, country or city. The food in New Orleans is so good since New Orleans is basically known for their food and Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday).
I believe their food is amazing, especially their gumbo which was the best gumbo I ever had due to the fact that it was spicy, hot, and tasted good, their gumbo is perfect! I would go back to New Orleans just for their food and weather even though it was extremely hot when I went there but it felt good to me. I know this is weird but their water is soft on your skin which caused my skin to clear up so fast in like two days but I would not drink their water ever again because it tasted nasty and to me it’s better for your hair and skin.
The only thing I did not get to experience in New Orleans was Mardi Gras. One day I will because I heard stories about Mardi Gras, like how the people are when Mardi Gras comes around, the parties and the parades (where they throw out beads). In my opinion Mardi Gras culture comes out more, for example their music, and food. When you go down to Bourbon Street at night that’s when Mardi Gras really gets better. For that reason there is more things that happen at night then in the day time.
I felt happier when I was in New Orleans, maybe because of their food but it was definitely better living in New Orleans then in Texas since there is nothing to do here. New Orleans is the best experience that I have ever had and I would definitely go back some day, specially for Mardi Gras because I really want to experience Fat Tuesday with my family or friends since I will be old enough to do more things when Mardi Gras comes around next year.

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