Japanese Art of the 1990s: Influences from American Pop Art Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:28:12
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Yasumasa Morimura

Recreated Rembrandt, The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp, 1632
Morimura, Portrait (9 Faces) Peter Gertner, Crucificion
Yen Mountain, 1991, assemblage Stacks money with his face on them
Moneki Neko cat on top

Poses as many different famous film actresses:

Marilyn Monroe
Audrey Hepburn
Black Marilyn
To My Little Sister/For Cindy Sherman
Mona Lisa in Its Origins

He procreates his work to be like others. The prep work he does for the work is a hidden performance art
Influences from American Pop Art

Claes Oldenburg 1960s- storefronts/soft sculptures/playing with scale Soft Toilet
Installation 1962
UNLV’s Flashlight, 1981
Andy Warhol 70s/80s- mixed commercial and fine art/appropriation Campbell’s Soup Cans
Roy Lichtenstein- 60s-1997- comic book influence
Sweet Dreams Baby
Keith Haring 80s-90s- Pop Shop
Any (Warhol) Mouse #2

Somewhat started as a graffiti artist:

Jeff Koons 1980s- Bad boy of American Pop Art
Rabbit, stainless steel
Conceptual artist – Michael Jackson and Bubbles

Conceptual art- the idea rather that actual physical manifestation of the idea/
90’s Japan
The emergence of kawaii (cute) in Japanese popular culture (mainly for girls) And otaku (geek) culture for high school and college boysManga “comic books” graphic novels and anime (animated manga) full of violence, innocence and sexuality;Especially important Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke, and the apocalyptic Neon Genesis Evangelion, directed by Hideaki Anno, 1995-1996 otaku and anime:

Maneki Neko “Beckoning Cat”
Good Luck Charm
Calico cat
3 colors- red/black/white
Usually female with red collar and bell

Sanrio, Hello Kitty designed b Yuko Shimizu, 1974 (kawaii)

Made in the 70s
Works closely with the Maneki Neko
Kitty always had a phone “Hello Kitty”

Pokemon characters, 1996, created by Satoshi Tajiri (kawaii)

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Takashi Murakami

Started painting traditional Japanese painting

Tokyo University of the Arts (oldest art school)
Most prestigious art school in Japan
Can major in Music, Art, Japanese style art (water based pigments on paper or silk, Western painting) Nihonga- he learned all the traditional techniques of mixing powder Has a PhD in traditional art

Tokyo pop art

727 (DOB), 1996- synthetic polymer paint on canvas board, 3 panels stained the unjessohed canvas formal characteristics are similar to Japanese painting and sense of depth;
DOB DOB, 1996- vinly chloride and helium
Castle of Tin Tin, 1998- acrylic on canvas board
Multiple eyes
Curious eyelashes
Still creates a sense of 3D space

Hiropon, 1997- paint, fiberglass and iron

Hiropon means crystal meth
Crystal meth (and drugs in general) is a big problem in Japan His factory is called Hiropon
Could reference Andy Warhol?
Milk, 1998- acrylic on linen and board (on wall)

My Lonesome Cowboy, 1998- oil, acrylic, fiberglass, and irons Supposedly resembles Andy WarholSpring Liquid (on wall)
Mushroom Painting, 1999- acrylic on canvas on board, 7 panels Could resemble a mushroom cloud

Eyes= link to the past
Half shut eye
Looking at observer
DOB in the Strange Forest, 1999- FRP resin, fiberglass and acrylic Louisa McDonald’s favorite piece

Wonder Festival 2000:

Project ko2
Second Motion
Second Mission
Otaku is shown in this festival

1996 Tokyo Pop exhibition, Hiratsuka Museum of Art

Makoto Aida
Sense of humor that works on puns and clichés
Goes deeper/ expands
Azemichi, 1991- water based pigments on paper
Part in her hair looks like the road

Harakiri’s Girls’ School, 1999
Girls school where they learn how to commit ritualistic suicide. These girls are sexual icons – Sexual and violent elements

Harakiri= cut the stomach/ suicide
American version is called Harry Carry
Ritual that requires assistance
Stab short blade in stomach and drag it
Assistant will take a Japanese sword and then behead themHonorable?
Organized like a page or cover of a manga

Mariko Mori, 1967
Performance artist who was does painting and photography.

Trained in fashion
Worked as a runway model
Studied at the Chelsea college of art in London (prestigious) Scientifically oriented
Interested in nuclear physics and neutrenos
Video- How to be inspired by nature
Winter solstice

Kenji Yanobe

Conceptual/ Performance artist
“Foot Soldier” Godzilla legs

Okamoto Taro

Tower of the Sun- Expo ’70, Osaka
A happy celebration of life and energy
Icon and personally meaningful for Kenji Yanobe
Survival Racing Car

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