Lord of the Flies Argumentative Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:26:46
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Life without adults, I guess this is just one of life’s mysteries because no one will be able to experience this. In this coursework I shall be looking at some of the benefits of not having any adults in the world and some of the repercussions of living life without them. I shall be using the book ‘Lord of the Flies’ to back up my points. One problem that the younger children faced in the book was that they were completely ignored when they talked about their doubts of the beastie. The older kids just laughed at them as it says; “Now he says it was a beastie.
Laughing, Ralph looked for conformation round the rings of faces. The older boys agreed. ” If parents were there, they might have listened to the young boys and taken into account what they have said and even make a plan of action in what to do, however the older boys just intimidate the child into being quiet. A benefit the children have found of having no parents is that they have more freedom to do what they want and to do everything in their own time. There is no pressure of having to do anything.
A second problem to having no parents around is that the children in the story could not have a proper civilised conversation or meeting between each other. At some point there would be a light burst of laughter and Ralph the chief, loses their attention just from a few giggles. The immaturity displayed may not have been tolerated by an adult who would of stamped their authority on this kind of behaviour and taught the children how to behave properly. I also feel that the children’s naivety was indeed another problem.
They failed to realise the possibility that they might never get rescued, as life is very unpredictable. They did not consider the long-term problems that they may have to face. They relied on the belief that someone will rescue them and this meant that they lost track when it came to preparing to make the island more human friendly. Another problem was that they could not face being told off and also some cannot accept that they have done something wrong and it all turns into one big joke for them. This is especially true for Jack the choir leader.
He realised that he should have set people to tend to the fire but he did not and this prevented them from being rescued. After getting told off by Ralph he realised that he was wrong but he did not admit it and started to change the subject. In conclusion, I feel that children will not be able to survive without their parents to guide them and the world would be very much chaos. Even though they may drive you up the wall, although I do not like to admit it, we may still need them. Adults, you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them.

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