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Published: 2021-06-29 01:26:18
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I have chosen to add a scene illustrating when Mickey realises that Eddie has moved away and Mickey has lost his best friend. Then I will show Eddie missing Mickey. Mickey does not know where Eddie now lives. By looking at Willy Russell’s version of “Blood Brothers”, it is unclear whether Eddie told Mickey that he was leaving. At the end of II/viii Mrs Johnston says to Eddie “Go and see our Mickey before I change my mind”. It then cuts to Eddie in the countryside.
Two years later when Mickey and Eddie meet up again there is no element of surprise. I find this strange. It maybe that Mickey knew that Eddie was moving, yet he did not wish to pursue him. However, I do not believe that Willy Russell would have written his production like this. My additional scene shows how I think Russell would have written… Extra Scene A SAMMY enters dragging MICKEY on, in a headlock. Mickey: Sammy… Sammy g’er off… I’ll tell mum Sammy: Give it me… me toy car SAMMY stops- still holding MICKEY, looks at Eddie Sammy: Who’s this?
Eddie: Edward Lyons, pleased to meet you (Eddie puts out his hand to shake) Sammy: Fuck off poshy before I bea you up Mickey: Eddie run, save yourself Eddie: But there is something I need to tell you Mickey: Go, go… run EDDIE runs off stage in a silly manor, closely followed by SAMMY. MICKEY is left on stage alone looking upset. Narrator comes in bottom left. Extra Scene B Narrator: The police have been, What you gonna do, Will they through the book at you? The devils got your number, Y’know he’s gonna find y’, He’s standing right behind y’ He’s creeping down y’hall.
Jennifer’s getting worried, Is she going to run? It’s all part of the devils fun. Mickey has lost his best friend, At the tender age of eight Y’ never know who’s behind the gate! Born on December twelfth One into poverty the other into wealth, Inside they are the same, But will they ever meet again? That is my question, Will they ever meet again? MICKEY rings the doorbell on EDDIE’S old house. A WOMAN answers the door. Woman: Can I help you young man Mickey: Ye, is um… Eddie in? Woman: Eddie? I am afraid I do not know any body by that name.
Mickey: Oh!… (In a posh voice) is Edward at home Woman: No. Goodbye Mickey: Has Eddie moved away? Woman: Well he must have.  Mickey: D’y know where he lives now?Woman: Pardon Mickey: See I’ve been saving up some money (he looks in his pocket and holds some coins out, he looks very happy) I could go and see him… on the bus, where does he live? Woman: I have told you, I do not know where he lives. Mickey: Don’t be tight! Woman: Sorry goodbye. (She begins to close the door) Mickey: C’mon, were blood brothers Woman: The family that previously lived here has moved to the countryside. That is all I know. Good day. (She slams the door)
A fresnel spotlight pans on Mickey as all other lights fade. Mickey moves centre stage and begins to sing. Two chairs are placed back to back centre, top stage. Mickey (Singing): No kids out on the street today, You could be living on the moon. Gonna be a long long long Sunday afternoon. Just killing time and kicking cans around, Trying to remember jokes I knew. I tell them to myself, But there not funny, ‘cus I found, Its gonna be a long long long Sunday afternoon. On the other side of the stage a spotlight, lights EDDIE, bored and alone. He appears so we do not know whether he is real or in MICKEYS mind.
BOTH sit back to back on chairs My blood brother had sweets to share, Knew every word in the dictionary, He was clean and tidy from Monday to Friday I wish I could be like, Be cleaver and smart like, BOTH standing up looking at the audience, unaware of each other Mickey: (Together) My blood brother Eddie: FLASH BACK. (Dreamy music link) (Dreamy music link) Mickey: You know, the ‘F’ word. (Whispers it in Eddies ear) Eddie: Fantastic. When I get home, I shall look it up the dictionary. Mickey: In the what? Eddie: It the dictionary. Don’t you know what a dictionary is? Mickey: ‘Course I do. It’s a thingy isn’t it? Eddie: A book which tells you the meanings of words. Mickey: Yeh. I know. Eddie: Will you be my best friend? Mickey: Yeh. Yeh if you want to.

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