The Day of Impending Doom: School Again Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:29:11
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You wake up lazily during late morning with a smile on your face thinking, “Thank God it”s summer!” then the smile slowly fades. You throw the covers up over your head and your thoughts turn to the fact that today is the last chance you have of enjoying yourself. Today is the last day of summer it”s Labour Day and tomorrow is school.
Labour Day signifies more than the day your supposed to stop wearing white after it is a legal holiday in Canada and the United States created by our governments. It takes place on the first Monday in September and it pays homage to labour. It also signifies the end of summer, and, to the dismay of students and relief of parents everywhere, the start of the school year.
Forget about going out with friends, watching the trees grow or staying up to watch the late night movie; you have to throw in a wash, get your school supplies ready, plan what you are going to wear, and get to bed early. The life of freedom you have known for the last two months is about to end.
But while you are madly dashing about your parents are sitting back enjoying their day off and dreaming about the days ahead. No more, “Daddy, I”m bored!”, “Daddy, Suzie”s picking on me!”; “Daddy, would it be possible to `borrow” a couple of bucks? ” From now on they can enjoy their days off in silence and do as they please in peace.
While you are trying to fall asleep at such an early hour, you start to think, “Hey, maybe going back to school isn”t so bad after all. I am glad it is Labour Day already. I long to see everybody, and actually I kind of miss it. At least the homework gives you something to do.” Then, with a smile on your face, you slowly drift off and Labour Day is over. The next day at school, however, you realize that your thoughts last night were absolutely absurd and you again long for summer and dread labour Day, the yearly reminder of the day of impending doom.

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