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Published: 2021-06-29 01:26:08
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In this essay I will be analyzing a key section, from the narrators poem, where Edward and Mickey meet, Mickey’s poem and finally where Mrs. Johnston meets Edward. I will be examining what the background is going to be like, the way actors say particular dialogues, they way I would like them to act on some occasions e.g. Mickey’s character should be funny and very imaginative like any 7 year old will be “Y’know our Sammy, Y’know what he sometimes does? He wees straight through the letterbox of the house next door to us. I tried to do it one night but I had to stand on a crate, ‘cos I couldn’t reach the letter box but I will by the time I’m eight”(pg.22, Mickey’s poem) can you please get a crate and stand on it and pretend to wee in the next doors letterbox. (Only do this thing on the underlined line)
Willy Russell was born in Whiston, just outside Liverpool in 1947, and at age of five moved to Knowsley. His father used to own a fish & chips shop and his mother used to work in a warehouse. At school in English silent reading he realized to become a writer, He left school in 1962 with an English O level (G.C.S.E) this was his only qualification, because of his only one qualification he worked as a hairdresser for six years, He then started to take English literature classes. Having passed this he then decided to go to college for a year to train to become a teacher. He wrote his play in the school where he used to work as a teacher.
So far in the story Mickey has met and had a good long chat with Edward, they have became blood brother but, they do not know that that they are real brother’s, Both of them know that their birthday’s are on the same day. They cannot tell that they are twins because of the way they speak e.g. Mickey-“gis a sweet”(act 1,pg 24), they way they are dressed. Edward meets Mrs.Johnstone For the first time, she cannot believe how well looked after he is, his nice brand new clean clothes he’s got. Mrs.Johnstone tells Edward to never come around this area, because if Mickey and Edward find out by any chance that they are twins they will die instantly. This superstition made up by Mrs. Lyons, she knew that Mrs. Johnston believes superstitions more than anything else in the world.
The plot of the play is about two twin boys, Edward and Mickey. Mrs.Johnstones husband left her with 7 kids to look after because he was into another woman so poor Mrs. Johnston had to take care of 7 kids but she had another surprise her husband had left her something to remind her of him like 7 weren’t enough she was expecting twins. She couldn’t take care of 9 kids so she made a deal with a lady called Mrs. Lyons she only had started to work in her house as a maid so gave one of the twins away Edward to Mrs. Lyons, Mrs. Johnston was a really spirituous lady so to keep both of the brothers finding out she made a superstition of her own that if any of the twins find out once they have been separated that they are brothers they will die straight away.
Well they both try to keep them away from each other but their plan fails they find out in the end that they are twins and Mickey shots Edward because their mum gave away Edward he says “You! You! Why didn’t you give me away! I could have been… I could have been him! Mickey shot Edward. Mickey’s house set of props. I would like to put the following things on the side of Mrs. Johnston’s set: Coffee table with one leg half broken so that its tilted a bit, Sofa with the feathers coming out of it sewed a bit from the side, Black and white TV, with some of the knobs missing, half of the room with another colored carpet a dirty rug in the middle, ripped or damped wallpaper, outside of the house, bin on the floor rubbish on the ground on the road, uncut grass, smashed up glass on the ground, boarded windows, broken toys e.g. bike with only one wheel

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