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Published: 2021-06-29 01:25:59
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The woods, lakes, and rivers afford not only chase sufficient for any that delight in that kind of toil or pleasure, but such beasts to hunt that besides the delicacy of their bodies for food, their skins are so rich as may well recompense thy daily labor with a captain’s pay.” This quote from John Smith’s description of New England suggests the theme of nature as one in six seventeenth century works. From Smith’s point of view, we see that New England thrives in natural resources. He speaks of its beauty and ability to support its inhabitants. This type of beauty is also described in the several other works that was read.
In the Ojibwa Traditional poem, Calling One’s Own, nature is being compared to how the narrator feels. “The breath of your mouth is the fragrance of flowers in the morning.” It is apparent through this passionate and heartfelt limerick that the author has a place in their heart reserved for the one they’re talking to.
The glorious day of rain is near in the this Navaho Traditional. Listen! Rain Approaches! is an ode to rain, which strengthens their crops. Heart was put into the excitement of a rain to come, them looking forward to that year’s harvest. A few of the crops are mentioned with adjectives and metaphors that suggest its great ability to suffice.
“My love is such that rivers cannot quench,…” Another reference to nature in a poem that was written by Anne Bradstreet, To My Dear and Loving Husband, and a passionate representation of just how much. Of course, it is hard, usually, to put these feelings down as words. The human emotional composition is extremely complex. Again about the comparison of nature and human feelings, Bradstreet displays the type of sensory image that Smith expresses in his description of New England.
While all these works may be talking about completely different things, they all relate to the beauty of nature, in all its wonder. Whatever they feel, its such a passionate and beautiful feeling, that nature’s beauty seems to be the most acceptable and logical comparison.

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